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Creative Covering® Cover Up


I have this IKEA filing cabinet that has to be about a decade old. Though, it is outdated, it is still very useful. Over the years and moves, I’ve kept it to store files and other knick knacks. As many of my furnishings have changed over the years, this little guy is one of the few that still remains in the home. The only other items are my camel Natuzzi sectional and a Chinese made campaign furniture (tall boy) piece. Continue reading…

Blast from the Past

case of bass 1

Photo courtesy of Case of Bass

Praise the Def Jam years; boom boxes, once a relic of the 1980s, are clawing their way back into the homes of today’s discerning audiophile. Despite the trend in smaller, sleeker iPods, smart phones, tablets, phablets, ear buds and other micro-music devices, one company is bucking the craze. Continue reading…