Return to Innocence

What happened to innocence? These hand-painted dolls will make you think twice about buying another doll at the store. In fact, you might just want to recreate one yourself.

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The Origin of Coffee

There is no real evidence to show exactly when, or how it was first discovered that a stimulating brew could be made from the coffee bean (seed). The stories remain as Middle Eastern legends and myths. The most popular legend tells about an Ethiopian goat herder from the province of Kaffa who was amazed by the lively behaviour of his goats after they had chewed red coffee berries. Continue reading…

Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s “Gutsy Walk” raises over 3 million Dollars

On Sunday June 8th, nearly 15,000 participants walked together across 59 Canadian communities raising funds towards a future without Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The  GUTSY WALK, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s largest single day fundraiser raised $3,004,624 to advance medical research Continue reading…

If I Had A Name Like Rosie Fernandez

If I had a name like Rosie Fernandez

I would wear gardenias and orchids
in my hair.
I would buy some hot sauce
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Relaxation in Isolation: Float spas offer retreat from your senses

By Jade Swartzberg

I can still recall the weightless feeling of sitting cross-legged, without any effort, in the Dead Sea. Floating in that historical body of water in 2008, I experienced the unusual buoyancy that results from such an uncommon concentration of salt water. At the time I believed I had just completed a once in a lifetime event.

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Blossoming Inspiration

By Claire Lassam

My neighbourhood is a pillow of pink. The cherry trees are in full bloom right now, littering petals onto sidewalks, the roofs of cars, and our hair as we walk down the street. They are picked up on the bottoms of shoes and tracked into houses and apartments, and they find their way into my purse every time I walk beneath them. Continue reading…

From the Ground Up

By Andrew Harvey

Carpets are signature pieces that withstand the test of time, while accommodating our evolving lifestyles.

The artistic weaving of carpet dates back to 700 B.C. when West Asian artisans knotted intricate pieces for commerce across the orient.

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Wallpaper Revival

By Julia Dilworth

Lately in the world of interior design, it seems you can’t swing a throw pillow without running into the historically disgraced staple of grandmother’s past — wallpaper.

Infamous for blanketing homes in atomic patterns of green, orange and brown, could this former paper pariah actually be staging a comeback?

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FanClub: From New Orleans to Old Vancouver

By Teena Legris

The historical remnants of a time when neon signs were alight and businesses were booming have long been a mainstay of Granville Street, Vancouver’s legendary entertainment strip.

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Music Streaming Comes to Canada

By Brian Miller

Music ownership is dying quickly, much to the chagrin of distributors such as iTunes and Amazon, who thought they had cornered the market with their online download business model. And so they did for a few years, converting music fans everywhere from the hassle of owning records, CDs, DVDs and the like.

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