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Wallpaper Revival

By Julia Dilworth

Lately in the world of interior design, it seems you can’t swing a throw pillow without running into the historically disgraced staple of grandmother’s past — wallpaper.

Infamous for blanketing homes in atomic patterns of green, orange and brown, could this former paper pariah actually be staging a comeback?

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Cycle with Style

By Julia Dilworth

The equestrian-style, low-profile design and muted, wearable colour palette of SAHN’s helmets prove that protection for the urban environment doesn’t have to look ridiculous. SAHN, a play on the French term sans (without), will appeal to chic-y cyclists, the growing number of two-wheeled fashionistas.

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Vino Goes Vertical

By Julia Dilworth

Don’t say the words ‘wine rack’ around Jamie Kasza, if you know what’s good for you. That dated, clunky wine cage of the past could not be further from STACT’s intuitive, vino-vertical design. Kasza, founder of STACT, saw a solution to a common problem for wine connoisseurs living in spatially-challenging homes.

The Mugstache: From Dad’s Day to Movember

by  | Nov 17, 2012


The materials are minimal (mug, paint, brush, oven) and so is the cost. Thanks to hipsters, moustaches are back with a hairy vengeance. So you can, like me, choose to go the lip-tickler route and paint a handlebar, Fu Manchu or walrus to celebrate dad’s hairstyle being cool again. Continue reading…

Summer in Colour

Let this be the year you stop using your apartment balcony as storage and get it summer party-ready ASAP with some of this season’s brightest in patio decor. But you better hurry, this city’s hot days are numbered and the best soiree of the summer isn’t going to decorate itself.

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