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Return to Innocence

What happened to innocence? These hand-painted dolls will make you think twice about buying another doll at the store. In fact, you might just want to recreate one yourself.

From the Ground Up

By Andrew Harvey

Carpets are signature pieces that withstand the test of time, while accommodating our evolving lifestyles.

The artistic weaving of carpet dates back to 700 B.C. when West Asian artisans knotted intricate pieces for commerce across the orient.

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Wallpaper Revival

By Julia Dilworth

Lately in the world of interior design, it seems you can’t swing a throw pillow without running into the historically disgraced staple of grandmother’s past — wallpaper.

Infamous for blanketing homes in atomic patterns of green, orange and brown, could this former paper pariah actually be staging a comeback?

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Cycle with Style

By Julia Dilworth

The equestrian-style, low-profile design and muted, wearable colour palette of SAHN’s helmets prove that protection for the urban environment doesn’t have to look ridiculous. SAHN, a play on the French term sans (without), will appeal to chic-y cyclists, the growing number of two-wheeled fashionistas.

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Eco Offerings for Expectant Parents

By Meghan Fell

Imagine this: You are an expectant parent, overwhelmed by options for your baby’s nursery décor. You want to keep the design simple and calm, with an emphasis on eco-responsibility. Where do you turn?

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Vino Goes Vertical

By Julia Dilworth

Don’t say the words ‘wine rack’ around Jamie Kasza, if you know what’s good for you. That dated, clunky wine cage of the past could not be further from STACT’s intuitive, vino-vertical design. Kasza, founder of STACT, saw a solution to a common problem for wine connoisseurs living in spatially-challenging homes.

Low Slinging Wood

By Jason Motz

Alberta-based designer Brendan Gallagher’s first foray into the realm of rocking chairs is a unique and victorious piece, one that shouts vintage with mid-century lines and smooth face of the Walnut finish, while embracing the modern blend of woven wire mesh. Together, this duet of tactile sensations conforms to Gallagher’s philosophy that a design “should last forever.” Knock on wood.

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Minimalist Zeal

By Jason Motz

Designer Martin Byers spent two years creating a desk unlike any other. The result of the 29-year-old’s creativity is the Abacus Desk. So cleverly named because of the ease in which the various components of the desk glide across the glass desktop in similar fashion to an abacus calculator.

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Nautical By Nature



This summer’s hottest table style trend is cool, blue, and nautical. Keeping a set of navy blue and white dinnerware is never out of style. And this style is anything but dainty.


The look is straightforward and simple. Alternating navy blue with white to produce the sailor stripes. The key is in keeping it simple. Introducing too many colours will lose the effect. Stick to the dark blues and solid bright white. Should you introduce a third colour, try red; but don’t get too colourful. Continue reading…

Vessel of Knowledge V

Roi Toia

(1966- )

Ngā Puhi
Medium: glass (blown and etched)
Size: 29.5 x 6 x 8.5 inches (incl. stand)
Price: $ 7,500.00 CAD
Ref: KX60506






The simple form of the hue (calabash) had many uses as a container, among them the ability to transport water with relative ease. Its function in domestic life was perhaps featureless; however, it still played a vital role in the day-to-day routines of village life. Here, the hue is interpreted as a vessel of knowledge. Knowledge is passed from one generation to another. Out of this knowledge wisdom is conceived, and then empowered by the spiritual connection that lies within the land and surrounds the ethos in which we humans reside.

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