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Relaxation in Isolation: Float spas offer retreat from your senses

By Jade Swartzberg

I can still recall the weightless feeling of sitting cross-legged, without any effort, in the Dead Sea. Floating in that historical body of water in 2008, I experienced the unusual buoyancy that results from such an uncommon concentration of salt water. At the time I believed I had just completed a once in a lifetime event.

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Music Streaming Comes to Canada

By Brian Miller

Music ownership is dying quickly, much to the chagrin of distributors such as iTunes and Amazon, who thought they had cornered the market with their online download business model. And so they did for a few years, converting music fans everywhere from the hassle of owning records, CDs, DVDs and the like.

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In Sync: The StudioDesk

As a writer who spends a great deal of time on my MacBook in my small makeshift home office (touted as a den but is really a storage closet), I’m plugging and unplugging power cables and trying to make as much desktop space as possible for my laptop, my iPhone, coffee and reams of paper.

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Hammock Time

Last summer, I was in Asia for nearly a month-long business trip. Aside from meetings and being on the constant go, I also wanted to get a hold of some nice hammocks to bring home. (Wouldn’t hammock hunting would be a cool travel hobby?)

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