Publisher's Note

Welcome to Décor Addict's Style + Substance Magazine

Welcome to a special preview of Décor Addict, an exciting new interactive perspective that virtually celebrates art in living in all its form and function. So what motivates a décor addict? Is it the obsessive compulsive desire to seek out the next new home accessory or retro inspired decor? Or perhaps it’s satisfying the basic interior needs of an urban dweller who wants to make the most out of condensed condo living space.

At work or at home, Décor Addict will bode well in your Bookmarks as it bids homage to the designers and artisans of all art forms while offering solutions to your design needs. Within each issue, you will find your design fix in detailed coverage of visual elements that broaden your environmental perspective on interior design, architecture, furniture, and accessories.

There is a purposeful method to our madness, as we applaud innovative design while confessing our own design compulsion. So for you: the collector, the consumer, the artist, the contemporary urban dweller…. enjoy the therapeutic visual meds Décor Addict as it brings the edge of design to your fingertips.