From the Ground Up

By Andrew Harvey

Carpets are signature pieces that withstand the test of time, while accommodating our evolving lifestyles.

The artistic weaving of carpet dates back to 700 B.C. when West Asian artisans knotted intricate pieces for commerce across the orient.

Photo courtesy of W Studios

Photo courtesy of W Studios

Over time the patterned pieces began to influence European art and trade, and then slowly found a place in the western world.

Carpets are a big business, rivaling oil exports in some countries. Each year, for example, upwards of US$600 million worth of Persian rugs are exported to international markets.

Carpets have not strayed from their origin; many are still handcrafted with traditional motifs (Afghan, Turkish, Persian, etc.). But the consumer has evolved, and now shops the way our grandparents did, buying one piece of furniture and keeping it for life. Not that our furniture should never change. Rather, one makes investments in quality signature items.

Photo courtesy of W Studio

Photo courtesy of W Studio

With our focus now on durability with distinction, out comes the Jonathan Adler adage regarding his products: “If your heirs won’t fight over it, we won’t make it.”

Alan Pourvakil, Owner of W Studio Decorative Carpets, understands the change in consumers, and he shares the same sentiment in his work: “Carpet needs to have a longer shelf life, it’s not just an accessory, “ says the 25-year veteran of the industry. “(Carpets are) used every day for many years to come and (are typically) the largest piece of art in the home.”

With modern home designs opting for an open living concept, rugs define and separate spaces. For each room, carpets can help with the function and overall design. Pourvakil says there is a carpet for every lifestyle and need, from more plush rugs for families with newly walking children to deep-pile carpets that can help with acoustics in more spacious rooms.

Photo Courtesy of W Studios

Photo Courtesy of W Studios

The stigma that artful rugs are made for the Donald Trumps of the world, with the allusion of a gold gilded estate, draped in red velvet with overstated tassels layered in ornate floral patterns and ancient tapestries, is beginning to change.

The new notion states each carpet is unique to the individual  and speaks to their needs. W Studio is on trend with this notion, implementing their W Select – a service that allows the consumer to share all the elements   of their space so carpet experts can pre-select a wide range of suitable stock.

“W Select is solving a puzzle for the clients,” Pourvakil says. “We look into the lifestyle, décor, colour combinations, other materials used in the space and even photographs to solve the puzzle.”

Everything from the budget, size of the room, colour, texture and the base flooring should be taken into account when purchasing a new carpet, as, “the floor acts as a frame to the art,” said Pourvakil.

Like the original knotted carpets, today’s distinctive creations emphasize artistic beauty and quality. As home décor is a reflection of its owner, it is key to avoid décor that gives a fast-fleeting reflection – find durability with distinction and make it last for generations.

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