Nautical By Nature



This summer’s hottest table style trend is cool, blue, and nautical. Keeping a set of navy blue and white dinnerware is never out of style. And this style is anything but dainty.


The look is straightforward and simple. Alternating navy blue with white to produce the sailor stripes. The key is in keeping it simple. Introducing too many colours will lose the effect. Stick to the dark blues and solid bright white. Should you introduce a third colour, try red; but don’t get too colourful.


Clean, simple straight lines or solid work best. This is an occasion to save your ornate cutlery set. But if they work, then you be the judge. Those inexpensive white plastic handle picnic sets would work with this theme as well. You can also pair with wood handle utensils. Although, the wood should be of driftwood or ocean tree type.


Bring out your most plain, inexpensive glasses and goblets! That’s all you need. Silver and stainless steel also will work with this theme. Or white ceramics and metals.

Table Linen

Simple white table cloth is all you need, but you also want to add some navy or dark blue lines to create a break between colours. Something such as a table runner or exposing the side edges of your table produces the stripe effect. It’s all about the lines like those on a sail boat.

Flowers + Focal Points

Here is an opportunity where you can skimp out on the flowers and be creative with other decorative details. For flowers, choose small white and/or blue flowers. Nothing overbearing.

Decorate with elements from the ocean, such as seashells and sand. Try some floating candles in a water bowl or tea lights in sand boxes. Put on your sailor cap and think of the neat nautical treasures you can dig up to bring to this table.

The Occasion

With a unique and special themed table style like this, you would want to stay aboard this table for more than just a quick brunch and you definitely don’t want to stay indoors. Take it outside. Feel the breeze. Perhaps an afternoon fish and chips lunch with the entire family. Or lobster dinner with all your best mates. What a splendid way to serve and enjoy seafood alfresco.

Bon appétit and happy sailings.

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