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I have this IKEA filing cabinet that has to be about a decade old. Though, it is outdated, it is still very useful. Over the years and moves, I’ve kept it to store files and other knick knacks. As many of my furnishings have changed over the years, this little guy is one of the few that still remains in the home. The only other items are my camel Natuzzi sectional and a Chinese made campaign furniture (tall boy) piece.

Since I haven’t attempted to getting rid of this little guy, either by ways of a yard sale or “free” sign, I decided to give him a facelift. My first attempt was to paint him with some leftover paint from a recent home paint job. I tried using a white pickling wood stain, which I used on a piece of pine for a table top. Looked good on the table top, not so much on this piece. I wanted to avoid the shabby chic white paint, but succumb to at least putting on a layer to see the possibility. That too didn’t work. Then I decide plan B, to cover with a covering rather than the traditional paint method.

I came across an attractive shelf liner material with a leatherette design. The quality and texture of this covering looked and felt very similar to leather. Though, it was surprisingly thin like that of a shelf liner. I decided to give it a try.

Creative Covering™ adhesive drawer/shelf/storage liners from Contact Brand®

What you need:

  • yard / meter stick
  • large cutting board
  • sharp knife / exacto knife
  • hardware: handles / pulls
  • power tools

I found that with this adhesive liner you don’t have to be so ambitious and attempt to cover multiple sides with one large piece. I cut manageable sized pieces to cover one side at a time.

You don’t need a squeegee to smooth it on. I literally started at the centre and smoothed outwards. The bumps you see are actually the screws underneath holding the cabinet together.

Remove the front of the shelves and remove the existing knobs or pulls.

The black lining clearly looks better than the pickling stain.

Time to install new hardware.

The new pull is a standard 3″.

For the filing drawer, I’m going for a different type of pull.

Umm… Ginger, get out of the way.


And now to cover the top.

One more for the bottom.

And there you have it.

I could either finish the sides or paint them. After a while, I kind of gotten use to the contrast of the light and the dark. If I were to paint the sides, I think a silver leaf would look great.

But there you have it. Compared to what I started with, I think this looks fantastic.

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