High on the Nog

By Jason Motz

Nothing says Ho-Ho-Ho quite like eggnog. The second most important beverage after coffee, eggnog has evolved from acquired holiday beverage to test-kitchen subject. And if you’re still ringing in the new year, here are a few ideas on how to remake the holiday classic.

From milkshakes to martinis, macaroons to cakes, not to mention all manner of evil, thigh-fattening goodies imaginable, eggnog as you knew it growing up has gone big time. So, this holiday season, expand your horizons (and possibly your waistline) with these delectable nog-based wonders.

28381729Eggnog Rum Cake

Combine my three favourite Christmas things and bake into one luminous, sparkling loaf of Christmas cheer. You can have my share of the turkey and the Toblerone, and just get right to the dessert already. For non-drinkers, try a simple, but no less decadent, eggnog loaf. Add recipe link: Some recipes will call for festive nuts and fruity bits; classicists will be content with a rummy, spongy loaf coated in a fine butter cream veneer. Or get more bang for your buck and whip up a noggish icing.

62081272Eggnog Crème Brulee

While it sounds like a midday snack for a pregnant woman, this recipe takes the classic Brulee up a notch towards dessert Sainthood. Fanciful and refined in its lil’ ramekin, eggnog Brulee is what I call a Death Row treat.  Add recipe link: The simplicity of the ingredients (nog? Check. Eggs? Check. Marscarpone? Check. Spices? Check.) And the 60 minutes of prep and cook time leave no excuses for including this on your holiday menu this year.

108165935Bourbon-Maple Syrup with Eggnog Pancakes

Okay let’s be honest, the bourbon maple syrup is the star here. But why is this only coming to my attention now? Bourbon + Maple = obviousness! As for the nog pancakes, these could be dangerous. Taking an already loaded weapon like the pancake and boosting it with the culinary equivalent of a PED straddles the line between madness and genius.  Add recipe link: Disgustingly simple. You can cheat and use store bought nog, or earn your syrupy treat and use cream/milk and the right spices. Also, depending on the recipe you use, the required amount of bourbon will vary. Try not to overwhelm the noggy flavour with bourbon’s wickedness.

4807045White Chocolate Eggnog Fudge

Oh for fudge’s sake! Seriously what can I possibly add here except perhaps a caution about seasonal artery abuse? Or maybe I can convince you that sweatpants are back in style and you should not be caught dead wearing anything else after Labor Day. Add recipe link: This is serious fudge and should be doled out to children with extreme caution. Adults who can nurse their sweeties will find themselves falling for fudge all over again with this dish.

78788608Eggnog Snickerdoodles

Those of us with a sweet tooth need no further incentive to scarf a batch of snicker doodles at the best of times, but a bit of the ol’ nog in the Christmas batch is just inspired. Simple, (relatively) guilt free and bite-sized, this treasure will shame the shortbread out of Christmas forever. Add recipe link: Make sure your recipe calls for a generous splash of hooch. Spiced Rum for starters. Otherwise, why bother?


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