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FanClub: From New Orleans to Old Vancouver

By Teena Legris

The historical remnants of a time when neon signs were alight and businesses were booming have long been a mainstay of Granville Street, Vancouver’s legendary entertainment strip.

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Summer in Colour

Let this be the year you stop using your apartment balcony as storage and get it summer party-ready ASAP with some of this season’s brightest in patio decor. But you better hurry, this city’s hot days are numbered and the best soiree of the summer isn’t going to decorate itself.

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Seeing Red: Behind the Psychology of Colour


The streets of Pamplona, Spain are filled with hordes of men fighting for a pathway to escape the charging bulls running rampantly and aimlessly after them, while women and children, tourists and bystanders wave excitedly from the overhanging balconies, cheering, calling out to the men to run, run, run!

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Hammock Time

Last summer, I was in Asia for nearly a month-long business trip. Aside from meetings and being on the constant go, I also wanted to get a hold of some nice hammocks to bring home. (Wouldn’t hammock hunting would be a cool travel hobby?)

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