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Minimalist Zeal

By Jason Motz

Designer Martin Byers spent two years creating a desk unlike any other. The result of the 29-year-old’s creativity is the Abacus Desk. So cleverly named because of the ease in which the various components of the desk glide across the glass desktop in similar fashion to an abacus calculator.

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Creative Covering® Cover Up


I have this IKEA filing cabinet that has to be about a decade old. Though, it is outdated, it is still very useful. Over the years and moves, I’ve kept it to store files and other knick knacks. As many of my furnishings have changed over the years, this little guy is one of the few that still remains in the home. The only other items are my camel Natuzzi sectional and a Chinese made campaign furniture (tall boy) piece. Continue reading…

Nautical By Nature



This summer’s hottest table style trend is cool, blue, and nautical. Keeping a set of navy blue and white dinnerware is never out of style. And this style is anything but dainty.


The look is straightforward and simple. Alternating navy blue with white to produce the sailor stripes. The key is in keeping it simple. Introducing too many colours will lose the effect. Stick to the dark blues and solid bright white. Should you introduce a third colour, try red; but don’t get too colourful. Continue reading…

Seeing Red: Behind the Psychology of Colour


The streets of Pamplona, Spain are filled with hordes of men fighting for a pathway to escape the charging bulls running rampantly and aimlessly after them, while women and children, tourists and bystanders wave excitedly from the overhanging balconies, cheering, calling out to the men to run, run, run!

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